to measure pressures in Mckenna’s lungs and heart (Mckenna has too much blood flow (pressures) going into her lungs.
I refrained from posting anything on social media about this procedure, as I thought it would be an in and out hospital  stay for us; I was wrong…

Winnipeg – Children’s Hospital of Manitoba

The morning of the surgery was once again an extremely hard day for me; after the procedure was finished, Mckenna’s cardiologist sat down with me; and we didn’t get the news we were hoping for…

Mckenna’s pressures in her lungs are still too high for The Glenn surgery, even after her pulmonary artery banding in September. With her pressures being so high, her cardiologist does not want to send us for surgery because the Glenn Shunt would not be successful.

Mckenna is going to be presented to the surgeons in Edmonton shortly, and they will decide what the next step will be.

Mckenna’s oxygen levels were substantially lower than normal after her catheter, so she has been put on oxygen.

We were sent home from the hospital with oxygen support. Mckenna is such a happier girl with the extra help of continuous  oxygen; she’s not having to work so hard on her own. We hope it’s a temporary thing and it gives her a little boost to help her sustain her oxygen levels on her own.

That’s it for now.

From my heart to yours,

– d 💕

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