Here’s hoping people who read this won’t have children who are hospitalized but I thought it would be a helpful post if that shall ever arise, as I am the expert of what / what not to bring to the hospital…


For Baby:

  • Babies wipes from home, if your baby has a sensitive bum
  • Socks – good for 3 uses: 1) mitts so your baby does claw at any wires, IV’s, etc, 2) for their intended use of keeping babies feet warm, and 3) keeping foot / hand monitors in place
  • Babies favorite blankets – 1 flannel receiving blanket to go over the hospital’s crib fitted sheet, and at least 3-4 cozy blankets. The hospital’s fitted sheets are usually very rough (from the crazy chemicals they wash them in), so I found bringing a flannel receiving blanket brings the smell of your home to the hospital; this makes your baby feel more “at home” and is comforting for when he  / she is falling asleep
  • Toys, toys, toys; depending on your babies age. I introduced simple baby toys to Mckenna when she was 3 months old so she was very used to playing with and being entertained with toys; hospital rooms / cribs are BORING for babies. The hospital will most likely give you a mobile for your babies crib (if you request one), but if your baby gets bored easily (like Mckenna), load up on rattles, books, and any of your babies favorites from home. It will pass the time, and distract your baby from the surroundings.
  • Babies favorite warm jammie’s – depending on how long the stay is, pack at least enough for 2 changes a day – one to change baby into in the morning and one for bed time 
  • Lotion – hospitals are very dry!!!
  • IF your baby is bottle fed, bring babies bottle. The hospital does supply formula with disposable caps / nipples that fit onto the pre-made formula bottles but the nipples are really cheap. Your baby will feed a lot better if you bring yours from home what he / she is used to
  • Miscellaneous medical documents like: health card, extended medical insurance benefits (blue cross, great west life, etc), letters from doctors, list of medications
    • & if you’re a heart mom like me, bring your babies medical binder containing all of his / her medical information / report, etc

For You:

  • If you’re spending the night: your favorite blanket. Hospital’s are FREEZING, and their blankets are as thin as tissue paper. Won’t hurt to pack fuzzy socks, a sweater, and pj pants, too. The last thing you want is to be up in the middle of the night, freezing!
  • Phone / tablet chargers
  • A reusable bag for dirty laundry – for both you and your baby to share
  • Snacks for you (juice, granola bars, apple chunks, a banana, vitamin water); anything that will give you a healthy boost of energy, and that’s small enough to fit in your purse.
  • Your phone (for pictures & social media), tablet, e-reader / book, etc to entertain yourself while baby sleeps

Don’t Bring:

  • Diapers – the hospital will supply f0r you your entire stay
  • Formula (if your baby is formula fed) – the hospital supplies all formula needs (even if your baby has an allergy)
  • Stuffed animals – they take up so much room in your baby / overnight bag
  • Baby body wash – the chances of your baby having a bath is very minor
  • Diaper rash creams – if your baby gets a diaper rash, the hospital has the good medicated stuff (way better than the stuff you have at home)
  • Miscellaneous daily care items like: q-tips, face cloths, and medications (hospital supplies all meds while baby is admitted)
  • Cute outfits – the last thing your baby will want is to be dressed up. Baby will want to be comfortable, warm, and cozy for the drive home
  • iPod / headphones – you’ll need to be aware of what’s going on around you
  • Hand sanitizer – hospitals have automatic hand dispensers outside every room 

Good bags to use for overnight bags:

  • a cute backpack
  • diaper bag
  • Lug bags 
  • oversized purse

From my heart to yours,

-d 💕 

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