January , 2017

After finding out that Mckenna was approved to be medically flown to Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital, J and I left Manitoba around 7pm that night. We headed West in hopes our drive wouldn’t give us any issues. We hoped our drive was going to be smooth, but it was the least thing from that. 2 hours in, we incurred heavy fog, light snow, and the worst… icy roads. We took turns driving and we were determined to drive straight through to Edmonton with no stops, but the weather wouldn’t allow us to do that.

It was approaching 2 in the morning, and we had been driving for about 7 hours and we were not even half way there. We had to slow down to 50 km’s an hour to drive safely on the ice.

We decided to stop at a hotel in Regina for a quick sleep and breaking, then we would head out early in the morning. We slept for 5 hours and headed back out in the morning around 9am. We drove straight until we got to Edmonton; we arrived in Edmonton around 6pm, with a total of a 17 hour drive…


The first thing we did was go and see Mckenna in the hospital. We called the Stollery Hospital around 1am, and were so happy to hear she had arrived safely with the Transport Team. Doctors were concerned how she would do in the flight; due to the altitudes in the air, they were worried with her oxygen already being low, if it would drop even more. They warned me she may have had to be intubated for the flight so they were able to control her oxygen saturations, but thankfully she powered through the flight and did amazing!

It was amazing to see her laying in her crib! All the stress, worry, and anxiety left my body the moment I seen her. She looked so comfortable in her bed, and

Catching Up on ZZZ’s

Highlight of the PICU

Different PICU Stay

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization #3

GREAT NEWS – Surgery 

Lifeflight Air Ambulance

Lifeflight JetLifeflight provides rapid inter-facility air ambulance transport for critically ill or injured Manitobans from areas outside a 200 kilometer radius of Winnipeg.

Lifeflight is staffed by flight nurses with advanced critical care training and experience and may be supplemented by critical care or emergency physicians, obstetricians, neonatology physicians and respiratory therapists depending on a patient’s needs.
Lifeflight Jet
Lifeflight operates out of the Manitoba Government Air Services Hangar at 900 Ferry Road in Winnipeg and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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